Aiming to provide more convenience to its guests, the Marina Astúrias offers the following outsourced services at its premises:

• Náutica Despachos Marítimos - Provides regularization and licensing of vessels, registration services, ownership transfer, radio licenses by the National Telecommunications Agency, payment of compulsory insurance policies, and boat driver's license renewal;

• Safe Boat - Offers sports and leisure boat insurance;

• Interyachts - Buys and sells boats, and features a fully equipped repair shop;

• Marina Astúrias offers a hangar for boat repair activities and the display of boats for sale;

• Marina Astúrias offers its customers and friends the following periodic transfers: from SANTOS to MARINA ASTÚRIAS - GUARUJÁ and from MARINA ASTÚRIAS - GUARUJÁ to SANTOS by means of the "FAÍSCA II" ferry boat. In Santos, it departs from the public landing "Edgar Perdigăo" - Ponta da Praia, and in Guarujá, from MARINA ASTÚRIAS' Pier I. The vessel is also used to 'rescue' customer vessels featuring problems.